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Forfatter: The System Works Group

eyeSafe makes it simple to keep track of your web passwords and eliminates the hassle and frustration of forgotten passwords and constant resets - all you need is your eyes and your iPhone camera.

The integrated biometric technology from EyeVerify means you, and only you can open eyeSafe. All it takes is a selfie and youre verified in seconds, leaving you to securely and easily access your favourite sites whenever and wherever you want to.

See the future of security

- Using the latest technology in biometric security, eyeSafe is the only safe way to securely access password protected websites and personal notes on your device.
- Store passwords and secure notes
- Login to websites without having to remember any of your credentials
- Browse websites in our secure built-in browser
- Search to find what you want immediately

How are we secure

Everything in eyeSafe is protected by your unique Eyeprint ID™. EyeVerifys patented biometric authentication technology uses the camera on your device to scan and capture the blood vessels in the whites of your eye. The result is your unique Eyeprint ID™ which cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. With higher accuracy than a fingerprint scan, the eyeSafe app integrated with EyeVerify is the only way to secure your web passwords and personal notes.

- Your eyes are the only way you can login and access your data, making it one of the most secure apps available!
- Any data copied from eyeSafe will expire from the clipboard after 10 minutes

Other features include:

*Secure Passwords*

- Save your username and password for any website
- Add a comment to any website you have saved
- You dont have to type a website URL - search for it instead and save it using the Find my URL function
- Websites you frequently access are always at the top of the list!
- Just tap a saved URL to automatically access it in our secure built-in browser with your credentials already entered!
- Automatically re-enter credentials for a website using the browser key option

*Secure Notes*

- Save all your private notes
- Copy any information to and from your other apps
- Add up to 1000 characters

*New Features Coming Soon*
- Store Cards
- Secure Documents

Tell us what you think!

Contact us at eyeSafe@tswg.com.au.